Police Take Action after Cardboard Aunty Kena Complaint for Exercising


Socio-political activist Gilbert Goh claims that a Cardboard Aunty in the Boon Keng area was approached by police while performing her daily exercise.

Goh says that upon talking to her, the Cardboard Aunty revealed that someone had lodged a complaint against her for “collecting cardboard at her advanced age”.

He has urged the public to let such aunties carry on their exercise routines in peace.

This is what Goh had to say:

“Our 88-year-old adopted elderly cardboard collector was interrogated by the police last Friday for collecting cardboard.

The picture shows the son of the collector answering the police at Boon Keng. He assists his mum regularly collecting cardboard.

When we checked with her why she was interrogated by the police for about 15 minutes, she says someone files a complaint against her for collecting cardboard at her advanced age.

She is advised by the police to seek help from MSF if she needs social assistance.

We seek the co-operation of the public not to file complaints against our elderly cardboard collectors as it may jeopardise their livelihood.

We try to supplement whatever gaps there are in the current social welfare system but will not want to go against the government critically as we are all trying to help the needy together.

So far, cardboard collectors do not need licensing unlike the tissue paper sellers.”


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