Police Want to Know Who’s the Mysterious Woman Posing Naked around Singapore

Who is this woman that’s been posing nude in public places around Singapore?

And the (lucky) chap photographing her naked.

That’s what the police want to know.

(Actually, that’s what want to know too lah.)

Her pictures have been posted in online forums and blogs for some time now, and she has reportedly uploaded new ones recently.

The woman’s latest garb of choice for posing naked?

Simply a Santa Claus hat, and shoes.

She’s gone totally bare before, or clad in normal everyday wear.

Singapore’s mysterious naked lady has posed naked in places like carparks and parks, to Sentosa and the Botanic Gardens.

And, it appears that she had a knack for flashing the Straits Times too at one point of time.

It’s an offence to go nude in public in Singapore, and to publish obscene material.

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