Pork Seller Given the Ham-Fist by NEA for “Enterprising” Behaviour

This Tekka Market butcher tried to save money and save customers long waiting time by renting the stall next to his current one to put fridges meant for storing pork.

For that, he’s received a warning letter from the National Environment Agency, with the threat of further action.

Pork seller Mr Chen currently pays S$300 a month to rent his stall, and an additional S$350 to rent a space at Tekka Market to put his meet freezers.

So when a stall next to his became available for rent late last year after its tenant vacated, he jumped at the chance.

He secured the stall in April this year.

Mr Chen said that by putting his meat freezers at the adjacent stall, he saves a 5-10 minute walk to retrieve pork from the freezers’ original location.

Not to mention, it’s S$50 less a month!

However, the NEA has frowned upon the 67-year-old’s enterprising ways.

The agency says stalls cannot be rented simply to put freezers.

It says that Mr Chen can knock down the wall dividing his two stalls and combine them into one, with a low wall erected in between.

Mr Chen says he is willing to comply with the NEA’s instructions, and will apply for the relevant permits to perform such modifications.

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