Porsche Owner Attacks Teen and Damages His Bicycle in Botched Overtaking Incident

Not happy that a teen slapped the bonnet of his Porsche, a 50-year-old uncle took to violence to solve the problem

Uncle Tan’s son was at the wheel of the Porsche at the time, with Tan sitting in the passenger seat.

His wife and daughter were seated in the rear.

When Tan’s son tried to overtake a cyclist, the cyclist slapped the bonnet of the Porsche with the intention of signalling “I’m here, don’t drive too close”.

That got Tan hopping mad.

He got his son to stop the Porsche and got off the car to confront the cyclist – a 19-year-old.

Tan then scolded the cyclist and demanded to know why he had slapped the bonnet of his car.

The cyclist, having explained himself, asked Tan what more he wanted.

That angered Tan further, and he pushed the cyclist and ripped off the GPS unit on the bicycle.

The incident took place on 8 Oct last year.

On Thursday (16 Nov), Tan was fined S$1000 for causing damage to the teen’s bicycle, in a case of road rage gone wrong.



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