PRC Staff Spits on Comrade from Rival Restaurant as they Fight for Customers

Two popular seafood restaurants side by side in Punggol with a stream of walk-in customers – it’s no wonder service staff scramble at the door to attract every aunty they can.

In this instance, the rivalry went a little too far.

28-year-old Yu Ting from Jing Long Seafood Restaurant was working to hook hungry customers when she came up against 34-year-old Zhang Mei from House of Seafood.

The competition heated up and left a bitter taste in Yu’s mouth.

So, when Zhang was approaching a female customer, Yu took the chance to spit at her.

CCTV footage shows that she spat directly on the right side of Zhang’s face, which left Zhang reeling in shock.

After all, both women were from China and came to Singapore to earn a living.

A quarrel ensued, and Zhang said she was very upset and insulted by Yu’s saliva-sharing antics.

She complained to her boss, and House of Seafood lodged a police report.

That incident took place in November last year.

But now, the pair of PRC workers have buried the hatchet.


House of Seafood towkay Francis Ng said that Yu contacted him recently saying she regretted her actions and wanted to apologise to Zhang.

He set up a meeting between the two ladies, in which Yu said sorry to Zhang and the pair shook hands.

Commenting on the incident, Yu said:

“I’ve been upset over this incident for a long time. I don’t want business to affect our relationship and that’s why I’m saying sorry to Ms Zhang.”

As for Zhang, she has accepted the apology.

“Since she is sincere, I’m OK lah.”

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