PRC Study Mama Leaps to Her Death after Gambling Away Family’s Savings

She brought her son to Singapore so he could have a better life, but a gambling addiction saw her squandering the family’s savings until only S$52 was left.

Unable to live with herself, Shanghai native Qi Minjie jumped to her death from Block 104 in Potong Pasir estate.

The impact was so forceful it crushed the car on which she landed.

Mdm Qi died of her injuries.

The 40-year-old divorcee had been earning a steady income of about S$4000 a month, after arriving in Singapore this year with her mother and 6-year-old son.

The boy was enrolled in a private school, and she was paying about S$10,000 a month in school fees.

Not that the fees were a problem – Mdm Qi was earning a steady income of about S$4000 a month, says her mother, and she would rush home after work to spend time with her 6-year-old son.

Her mom sensed something amiss when she started to hang out later into the night for the past couple of months.

She later discovered that Mdm Qi had used her ATM card and withdrew all the money from her bank account in Shanghai.

She suspects that Mdm Qi had gambled away the money.

While coping with the loss of her daughter, the elderly lady says she is unable to contact the father of her grandson.

She says that Mdm Qi had divorced the boy’s father shortly after he was born, and the father has since migrated to the United States.

She plans to return to Shanghai with the boy, where she is eligible to collect 3000 yuan (S$600) in pension every month.

The incident happened on Saturday (6 Feb) at about 8.10am.

The expenses for Mdm Qi’s funeral in Singapore have been taken care of by the kind-hearted owner of Direct Funeral Services, who has also given the elderly lady and boy air tickets to return home to Shanghai.

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