PRC Worker Reveals Horror of Sharing Dirty Cockroach-Filled Rented Apartment with 30 People

He had come to Singapore to work as a kitchen assistant and needed a place to stay.

31-year-old Mr Wang saw an ad in Februaery for a bed space at an apartment and jumped at it since the rent was only S$240 a month.

Not to mention, it was a condominium unit in Balestier.

After seeing the place, Wang must have really jumped – it was cramped with up to 30 other people, and his “bed space” was a bed with only a mat on top.

Wang thought he could tahan this so he gave it a shot.

He said:

“There were 2 common rooms and each room had a 4 double-decker beds so 8 people slept in a room. The master bedroom was bigger and 10 people slept inside. The living room was partitioned into 3 mini-rooms spaces and a husband and wife couple slept in each of the spaces.”

Wang says a mix of men and women slept together in the same rooms.

When he rented his bed space, the person who claimed to be the landlord said he owned 5 out of the 16 units in the condominium.

He showed Wang other units, where each of the mini-rooms in the living room housed 4 people, bringing the total number of people living in each unit to 30.

Wang left after staying there for 3 months.

He said the place was too unhygienic and bad for health.

“Cockroaches all over the kitchen, sometimes they crawl on you. The corridor is filled with a lot junk and I don’t think anyone will make it out alive if there’s a fire.”


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