PRC Worker Slashes Colleague with Rusty Blade during Workplace Quarrel

Angered by his colleague, 40-year-old Wang Fuguo used a 7cm-long penknife to slash him on the neck and arm.

Wang’s victim was sent to Changi General Hospital, where a broken rusted piece of the penknife blade was found stuck in his neck.

Doctors treated him reported that he suffered a complete transection of his greater auricular nerve, left spinal accessory nerve and left external jugular vein.

The incident took place on 21 Oct last year at Cellini Design Center, which is located at Changi North Crescent.

Wang and his colleague, who is also from China, were supposed to report for work an hour earlier that day due to an arrival of a shipment of goods.

Wang’s colleague said he told him about the reporting time change the day before, but was unsure if Wong heard him.

On the day the shipment came, Wang quarrelled with his colleague and accused him of not informing him about the change in reporting time.

The argument heated up and Wang took out a penknife from his trousers and slashed his colleague multiple times.

The two men were later separated by co-workers and Wang was arrested.

Wang’s colleague was warded for 4 days and given hospitalisation leave for a month

Wang has since been sentenced to 16 months jail for causing hurt.


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