Public Demand more Accountablity from MCCY Minister over S$410,000 Bin Consultancy Fees

That’s the bin at the National Arts Centre that required S$410,000 in consultation fees to build.

The total cost of the bin came up to S$470,000.

The “unreasonably high” amount of money paid to the consultant was flagged by the Auditor-General’s Office in its latest report of lapses concerning government ministries and statutory boards.

MCCY Minister Grace Fu has defended the S$410,000 spent on consultancy, calling the bin-building project “complex” and requiring “significantly more design expertise”, but hasn’t been forthcoming with details of those involved in the project.

It’s unclear if the bin was designed to house a secret air raid shelter in the event of a third World War, or if it has been designed to miraculously churn waste liquids into jamban juice, sometimes also known as  NewWater.

The public has called for Ms Fu to reveal more details about the contract and why the S$410,00 of taxpayers’ money spent was necessary, in the interest of transparency and accountability to the public.



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