Punggol Spiderman Climbs into 17th Floor Flat Unit to Steal, gets Caught in Unexpected Plot Twist

Not every day that you expect someone to climb into your home on the bloody 17th floor to steal stuff!

But that’s just what one 25-year-old crook, dubbed the Punggol Spiderman, did.

It turns out he was living in the flat unit above his victim and had been observing and familiarising himself with the victim’s schedule.

Then at about 7am on 17th December, he struck, climbing 3 metres down and entering the victim’s flat through the bedroom window.

What Punggol Spiderman didn’t expect was there was a tenant in the flat (who also probably didn’t expect someone to climb in through the 17th floor window at 7am in the morning!).

Seeing that he had been exposed, Spidey escaped the same way he had come.

However, his relief was short-lived as police identified him with the help of the tenant and arrested him later in the afternoon at around 3.45pm.

Spidey’s a crook, but we’d still give him a Tiger lah, for sheer effort and balls that don’t flinch when the 17th-storey winds blow!



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