Quiz Results Shows Tampines Residents are the Most Kiasu People in Singapore


Tampines residents are the most kiasu (“scared lose”) people in Singapore, according to a quiz by supermarket chain, Giant.

The quiz, which received more than 57,000 submissions, ranked Serangoon and Jurong West residents 2nd and 3rd respectively in terms the most kiasu.

In Tampines, half of the respondents said they would press the traffic-light button repeatedly in hopes the lights will turn green sooner.

Fifty percent – nearly twice the average of other towns – of Tampines respondents also said they would use tissue, an umbrella or a bag to “chope” (reserve) seats at a coffee shop.

The quiz also found that 38 percent of respondents admitted they would go the extra mile for good deals, while only 14 percent were willing to pay the full price for everything.

The quiz ran from 25 Sept to 24 Oct, with each result collated – based on its postal code – into an overall scoreboard showcasing the top five “kiasu” towns.

Giant has announced that it will celebrate Tampines’ win by hosting a freebies giveaway at its Tampines hypermarket.

From 1pm to 3pm on Saturday (28 Oct), residents can queue for freebies such as Milo, canned drinks, ice cream and pocket tissue.



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