Redhill Ruckus: Cabby Caught Bringing Vietnamese “Girlfriend” Home

Uncles have urges too

Uncles have urges too

Police had to be called in on Friday evening (26Sept) after a 60-year-old taxi driver was caught by his wife for bringing a Vietnamese girl home.

The taxi driver’s wife, Mrs Wu, and her five relatives had waited outside the HDB apartment in Redhill, and called for him to come out. They wanted to confront him over why he had brought the woman home and why they were alone. One relative wielded a broom, while the other shut the power to the apartment. But even after 30 minutes, Mr Wu still refused to come out of the flat.

Mrs Wu said, “We shouted at him, and even told him we called the police, but he refused to come out. The Lightning God will strike him down!”

Shortly after, police arrived and persuaded Mr Wu to come out of the apartment. A scuffle followed, with Mrs Wu apparently very agitated and angry. This was broken up by the officers at scene. Mr Wu and the 38-year-old unidentified Vietnamese woman later left the area under the watch of the police officers.

Mr Wu insists that he is only friends with the Vietnamese woman.

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