Registration Fees and Licence Needed for Uber, Grab Drivers; Laxer Rules for Cabbies Announced

From next year, drivers of private-hire cars services such as those Uber and Grab will need a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence.

This was announced by Senior Minister of State for Transport, Ng Chee Meng, at today’s Committee of Supply debate.

So, to continue driving for Uber or Grab, drivers will need to have a minimum of 2 years driving experience, and not be older than 75 years old.

They’ll also need to:
-pay a S$40 registration fee
-undergo background checks
-take a medical exam
-register their own business, a sole proprietorship, and register cars for commercial use or be employees of a car rental company
-Attend and pass a 10-hour course, and a three-hour refresher course every six years

Foreigners can get a vocational licence, but they cannot start a private company like Singaporeans, and will have to work for a car-rental company.

Meanwhile, life will get easier for taxi drivers.

Their Taxi Driver Vocational Licence course will be shortened from 60 hours to 25 hours, and parts of this will compromise e-learning.

It’s a cinch for them to convert their licences to a PDVL too.

All they have to do is attend a two-hour briefing that involves helping them to better-understand the new regulations that apply to private-hire car drivers.

Future taxi driver licence courses will allow a driver to get both a taxi licence and PDVL at one go.

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