Research Shows Red Bull can Help Make Your Teenage Kid Less Psycho

Red Bull gives you wings? Not really lah (maybe Kong Hee might).

But what Red Bull does do is help treat psychotic episodes, according to a recent study by the International Early Psychosis Association.

The popular energy drink could even be the best treatment for psychosis in teenagers, the association claims.

The beverage was found to contain a crucial additive to ease depressive episodes.

That additive is Taurine – an amino acid which is used in a number of foods and drinks.

It can also be found in the human body, helping the cardiovascular system to function and protecting the nervous system.

Studies show that people suffering from psychosis may be lacking in taurine levels.

The international coalition of scientists investigated how drinking Red Bull could reduce the effects of such psychotic episodes.

They tested 121 patients aged between 18 and 25 years old with early stage psychosis who were taking low dose antipsychotic medication and attending early intervention services.

And, giving patients either 4 grams of taurine a day or a placebo, they found that taurine significantly improved symptoms, both in their overall score and the part specifically analyzing psychosis.

So if you’re trying to overcome a bout of depression, or have been suffering from depression, maybe you should try some Red Bull.

(Ed’s note: This is not a sponsored post. We very much prefer Tiger Beer as the solution to all of life’s problems.)



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