Residents Climb 30 Floors Home as All 3 Lifts at People’s Park Complex Break Down

Some poor People’s Park Complex residents had to climb 30 floors to get home as all of the building’s 3 lifts broke down at the same time at the 31-storey-high building.

This happened yesterday at about 1.30pm.

One resident was lucky – she managed to take a lift to the 15th floor when the lift door became unable to close, so she climbed the remaining 14 flights of stairs home.

Lucky – because she could have climbed 29 flights!

The People’s Park Complex management said that the lifts often break down as they have been operating for a long time.

It said that technicians were sent to repair the lift and managed to fix the problem.

The management added that regular maintenance checks are done on the lifts and technicians are on standby in case of breakdowns.



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