Ribena Recalled in Singapore after Fears that Product could Spoil before Expiry Date


Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore, the distributor of Ribena beverages in Singapore, has withdrawn batches of its concentrate products.

This comes after a faulty bottling process machine was found to have allowed air to enter random bottles during a routine quality check.

The botched bottling process could lead to the product spoiling before its expiry date.

All pack sizes of four types of concentrate products, that come from Malaysia, are being recalled in Singapore.

These are: Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant & Strawberry bottles that expire in February 2018; Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant & Apple bottles that expire in May 2018; Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant and Glucose bottles that expire in May 2018; and Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant bottles that expire in June 2018.

Although not every bottle is affected, consumers are advised not to drink the product if it appears, tastes or smells unusual.

Production of Ribena concentrate products has been stopped until all investigations are completed.

The withdrawal in Singapore follows a similar move in Malaysia over the weekend.


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