Roti Boy’s Appeal Successful: ITE Slasher Gets Reformative Training instead of Jail and Rotan

The ITE College West student who slashed another teenager on campus with a bread knife has be sentenced to reformative training.

17-year-old Muhammad Zuhairie Adely Zulkifli will not be jailed for 18 months and won’t be get 6 cane lashes after a successful appeal.

The High Court took into account his “unstable family background”.

It heard from the defence that Zuhairie grew up witnessing domestic violence and both his parents were sent to prison several times due to drug offences.

Since the age of 12, he was sent to a welfare home.

Justice Chan Seng Onn told the teen that he was prepared to give him a chance because he was still young, but warned him sternly that “You better make use of this opportunity to reform yourself.”

Zuhairie slashed 18-yearold Ahmad Nurthaqif Sahed last year, in a knife attack witnessed by many students and staff at ITE College West.

He suspected that Ahmad was dating his girlfriend.

Zuhairie’s superior bread knife-handling skills landed Ahmad in hospital with a cut behind his ear, and fractures on his forearm and 3 fingers.

In an attack dubbed “vicious and gratuitous” by the presiding judge, Zuhairie stored the 35cm-long bread knife in his locker, and later retrieved it to carry out his one-man rampage across the ITE campus.

He was charged with voluntarily causing grievous hurt using a deadly weapon and pleaded guilty.

Zuhairi’s mother later taunted Ahmad, saying he had “no balls”.


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