Rusty Nail Found in Fishball of Yong Tau Foo Noodle Lunch

Things didn’t turn out so yummy for a friend of Germaine Yam, who reportedly found an extra ingredient with a dangerous twist in her yong tau foo noodles – a fishball which contained what appears to be a rusty nail.

Yam said that when her friend confronted the stall owner, he said he wasn’t to blame and pushed the buck to the fishball supplier, Ee Hui Food Manufacture.

While the incident is being investigated, it’d be advisable, as always, to look before you leap and watch what you’re putting in your mouth!

Said Germaine:

“Colleague bought YongTauFoo for lunch today from a coffee shop at Queen’s Street and saw a horrifying 1 inch nail in a half-cut fishball. When confronted, stall owner claimed that it wasn’t his fault as the fishballs were supplied by a supplier named “Ee Hui Food Manufacture Pte Ltd”. The salesperson was called down and spoke to my colleague. No apologies from both stall owner and the salesperson of the fishball supplier until my colleague asked for it, and was told that they will get back to her and give her an explanation as well as compensation within the same day, but as of 2359 hrs, there is still no news from them. Just imagine what will happen if she put the fishball into the mouth without realising the 1-inch nail, she could be by dead by now!”




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