S$150,000 Mini Cooper Meets Floodwaters, Owner Fumes at S$190,000 Repair Cost


This 46-year-old businesswoman, Ms Lee, is really damn suay lah.

Just 3 weeks after spending S$150,000 on a brand new Mini Cooper, floodwaters spoilt the car.

Ms Lee was driving along Admiralty West Road on Thursday (9 Nov) when she noticed a flooded stretch of road up ahead.

It was raining heavily at the time and seeing no other alternative, Ms Lee decided to drive through the floodwaters – which she estimates reach up to 40cm in height.

Her Mini Cooper stalled midway through the flooded stretch of road.

But the real shock came after she sent her car to the authorised workshop for repair.

“The mechanic told me my car was badly damaged and all the wiring was spoilt. The mechanic said I could spend up to S$190,000 on repairs. Otherwise, if don’t repair, I’d have to scrap the car.”

What has left Ms Lee fuming mad is how the repair work can cost more than the car.

She says that if she craps the Mini Cooper, she can get back about S$100,000 in cash – which would mean S$50,000 blown in just 3 weeks of use.

On the other hand, she doesn’t know how much she can get from insurance claims and is considering her options.



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