Scrapping S-League Raised at FAS Meeting, National Coach Accused of Not Attending S-League Games

Scrapping the S.League was one of the proposals brought up during a “heated” meeting between the Football Association of Singapore management and S-League club chairmen on Monday (20 Apr).

The Straits Times reports that a “war of words” took place during the meeting at Jalan Besar stadium, which was aimed at improving the standard of the S-League.

In that meeting, an S-League club chairmen also accused national coach Bernd Stange of not attending S-League matches.

That prompted the S-League’s Chief Executive Officer, Lim Chin, has stepped out to defend Stange, saying he was a “regular face” at games.

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Besides scrapping the S-League, two other proposal were put forward during the meeting.

One was to disband the LionsXII and the Young Lions to distribute its national players back to the S-League.

That proposal was most favoured by the club chairmen.

They accuse the LionsXII (Singapore team playing in the Malaysian Super League) and the Young Lions (Singapore national under-23 football team) of stripping the S-League of its top players, thereby killing the League.

The other option was for the S-League to continue in its current form, but with younger players.

Should the S-League be scrapped, Singapore would focus on three to four Singaporean teams and get them to compete in regional competitions such as the Malaysian Super League and the proposed ASEAN Super League.

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