SDA Chief Desmond Lim Caught getting up to “Fishy” Business for Charity


Singapore Democratic Alliance chairman Desmond Lim was caught getting his hands dirty in a charity drive to provide meals for the needy.

Together with more than 140 volunteers – residents of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and members of his charity organisation Dedicated Locals’ Caring Community – Lim was seen on Sun (24 Mar) plucking guts and scraping scales to prepare 645kg of fish as part of a food donation drive.

The beneficiary – Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that prepares meals for the underprivileged.

The volunteers also prepared 1050kg of chicken and another 500 kg of vegetables so those food products could be ready for cooking by Willing Hearts.

The fish and food products were donated by fishing enthusiast group, Active Anglers – an initiative which started 4 years ago.

DLs’ Caring Community, for several years now, has been providing meals to about 2500 beneficiaries who are mostly elderly uncles and aunties.

Lim showed us some (actually, many, many) photos of the events which DLs’ Caring Community has organised, which then begged the question, “How come no one knows about all this ah?”

He said:

“This is charity lah. It is a small effort. That’s why I keep it low-key and never publicise, so that people don’t misunderstand and think you want to score (political) points.”

You’d think that after losing in Pasirs Ris-Punggol GRC in the last 3 elections, Lim would want to use everything he wayang to “score points”.

Apparently, not so.

“People can laugh at me. I am okay. As long as I can do my work and help people in my own way, I am happy.”



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