Sec 4 Boy Slashes Ex-Girlfriend in the Back after Bitter Breakup

When love went bad, this girl didn’t expect her ex-boyfriend to act on his threat to “kill” her.

The incident took place on Wednesday at 9am, at a school in Bedok.

A parent informed that the girl, who is in Sec 3, was dating a Sec 4 boy.

But their relationship turned sour and they split.

“When they broke up, the boy wanted to get back together but she rejected him. The boy then sent a SMS to the girl to scare her, saying he wanted to kill her.”

According to the parent, the girl told her teacher and other students about the message.

She didn’t expect her ex-boyfriend to really attack her.

“During recess time, the boy came from behind the girl and hit her twice, then used the nice to slash her back.”

The parent said that many students were around at the time and they were shocked by the attack.

He is worried that the boy might be from a gang.

“My daughter is studying in the school, so I’m worried that the if the boy is part of a gang, his other gang members will come and cause trouble, so it’s good to warn others.”

Police were called down to the school and detained the boy.

The case is being investigated.



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