Second Serial Molester in Clementi in 3 Months Arrested


At about 4.30pm yesterday, police received a report that a woman had been molested at Clementi West Street 2.

About half an hour later, another woman was molested in the same area.

The victims were a 30-year-old and 27-year-old woman respectively.

But the pervert didn’t get far.

Clementi Police Division officers sprang into action, their investigations aided by police camera footage.

The pervert was later caught while still hanging around in Clementi West Street 2.

Clementi has been given a bad rep recently for molest crime.

Just 2 months ago, a man was arrested for molesting 3 boys over 3 different days.

The boys were targeted at the HDB flat blocks around Clementi Avenue 3, and near the bus interchange.



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