Security Guard Kills Colleague who Sh*t Near their Security Post, then Books a Prostitute


Possibly the time when any “oh sh*t” jokes aren’t too appropriate – a security guard punched to death a co-worker who took a dump near their security post.

Over 2 hours, 35-year-old security guard Joshua Thomas, a Malaysian, punched 49-year-old fellow Malaysian security guard Jasvinder Singh 6 times.

The incident took place between Nov 16 and Nov 17, 2016, at a security post of a worksite in Tuas South Boulevard.

On Nov 16, Thomas and Singh had dinner together and drank brandy at their security post.

At about 11pm, Thomas accused Mr Singh of sh*tting near the security post instead of in the toilet.

Singh denied it at first, but later apologised.

An angry Thomas punched him twice in the face until his turban came off.

He then hit Singh another three times before giving him a forceful punch in the face at 1am on 17 Nov.

Singh remained seated throughout the attack and did not retaliate even after he fell to the ground.

When he tried to get up, Thomas pushed him down again.

Singh suffered facial fractures and a fracture-dislocation of the cervical spine, which led to his death.

A third security guard who had joined the man before the attack tried but failed to stop Thomas.

When Thomas could not wake Singh up, he took the money he had given Mr Singh earlier and checked into a Geylang hotel with a Thai prostitute.

Besides the sh*tting, Thomas also claimed that Singh didn’t repay money that he had loaned him.

Originally charged with murder, Thomas has been found guilty of causing grievous hurt to Singh.

His case will be heard again on 4 Jan as his lawyer prepares a mitigation plea.

If found guilty, Thomas can be jailed for up to 10 years, fined or caned.


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