Sharp Rise in Rape Cases, $3.1 million Cheated from Internet Love Scams

Stand up for Singapore... just don't do it online

Stand up for Singapore… just don’t do it online

Police have called the rise in rape cases a key concern. So far in 2014, 91 cases have been reported. That figure is a 50% jump from last year. The rise in rape cases reported is laregly due to an increase in the number of statutory rape cases — sex involving females under 14 years of age.

40 cases were reported in the first six months of 2014. Police say in statutory rape cases, msot of the culprits are youths, and known to the victims.

Also on the rise – internet love scams. These rose from 22 cases last year to 82 cases this year.

Cyber extortion has also been highlighted. There was a 247% increase this year to 94 cases. Police said cyber extortion forms the majority of the increase in attempted extortion and extortion cases.

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