VIDEO: Shirtless Singapore Road Bully Almost Kills Traffic Warden While Chasing Other Driver

A shirtless man apparently tried to smash another driver’s window, before hopping into this car and chasing the driver when the frightened motorist drove off.

And he almost ran over a traffic warden in his hunt!

The incident happened in Sentosa.

The witness who captured the video said:

“Dramatic Sunday with SJC 2761 P being a road bully, causing an accident and almost knocked down a CISCO officer all CAUGHT ON VIDEO!

Crazy Singaporean driver and passenger went berserk and tried to smash some FT car’s window at Sentosa Gateway, causing a jam. FT was so afraid that he quickly drive off. After that he chased the FT car down and caused an accident between the FT and another car.

A CISCO officer came over to get this crazy driver and topless passenger back to the accident scene but he almost knocked the CISCO officer down and sped away.”

The clip starts of by showing many vehicles changing lanes to avoid two cars that had stopped on the road leading into Sentosa.

A shirtless man can be seen yelling at the driver of a maroon car. The shirtless man is the passenger of a purple car (SJC 2761P) that is parked further up front, and the driver of that car can be seen standing outside his vehicle.

The driver of the maroon car then speeds off, prompting the shirtless man and his friend to give chase.

He manages to cut in front of the maroon car, bringing it to a halt.

The footage then cuts to a later incident. At this point, cars can be seen turning at a traffic junction at Harbourfront, next to VivoCity.

A traffic enforcer can  be seen trying to get the purple car to follow him back to the scene of the earlier incident.

But the driver of the purple car simply speeds up, sideswiping the traffic enforcer’s motorcycle, almost knocking him down.

The men in the purple car then speed away, with the traffic enforcer giving chase.

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