Shocked Driver finds another Going Against Traffic Direction on Multi-Storey Carpark Slope!

Driving against the direction of traffic on the open road is one thing (you know, because people can siam you…) but driving against the traffic on a one-way slope in a carpark is a recipe for destruction and death

Luckily this Volvo was spotted just in time by an alert driver entering the multi-storey carpark at Bugis+.

And luckily, both the sotong driver and the alert driver were going slowly at the time.

The sotong driver stopped upon seeing the other car coming his way, and it was at that time that he experienced that “oh sh*t I’m going the wrong way” moment.

By the time, the other car had already passed the gantry.

The sotong driver then had to reverse a fair distance (up the slope) to let the other car pass.

It appears that no one was injured in the wrong-way hijinks.

Unfortunately though, it looks like “drive wrong way trend” from 2016 has carried on into the new year.



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