Shocked M1 Customer Makes this Damning Find after Getting His “New” Handphone

Expecting to get a new Samsung S6 Edge after signing a new phone line contract, this M1 customer was surprised when he found the phone in what appears to be a used condition.

Said Wang Jia Jie:

“When the staff opened the packaging of the phone, i was shocked and surprised that the phone was already switched on. On top of that, there is no protection layer on the screen. I told the staff that this phone does not looks like brand new set and the staff keep saying that it is a new set. “

Wang says he left with the handphone, as the M1 store was about to close.

However, upon inspecting the phone further, he realised that:

“There is a date on the sticker showing 220515 and i have checked with my friend who is in a mobile industry and i was told that this unit is May 2015 unit.”

And the most damning finding?

There is 2 layer of “seal sticker” on the packaging”.

Wang says he has been a M1 customer for the past 10 years and is very disappointed with such an occurrence.

He has asked that M1 offer him a good explanation and exchange the handphone for a brand new one.

M1 says it is investigating the matter.


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