SIA Plane Hidden Away in Changi Airport as Bomb Scare Delays Disembarkment

An unnerving 2 hours for the 267 passengers on board Singapore Airlines Flight SQ001.

Arriving in Singapore from San Francisco, they expecting to disembark when they were instructed to hold their horses.

The plane was diverted and hidden away at a remote part of the tarmac, as authorities investigated a bomb threat.

That took place at around 12pm yesterday (22 Nov).

At about 2pm, they were allowed to leave.

Checks on the plane and its cargo turned up no explosives.

Police are investigating the source of the bomb threat, and have issued a stern warning against people engaging in such hoaxes or spreading false information.

The incident was especially worrying as it came after multiple terrorist attacks in Paris last weekend, where ISIS terrorists killed over 120 people and injured at least 400 others.

In a similar incident yesterday, a Turkish Airlines flight travelling from New York to Istanbul was diverted to Halifax in Canada.

No explosives were found on the plane or passengers as well.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. yvgbhunijm

    November 23, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Solutions to end racism/terrorism for good:

    1.The gov must govern their country well by treating their citizens well and enforcer strict reasonable law. Like those who post racism stuff on online, judge them by the degree of the damage and the content itself to see whether to give a heavy punishment or just warning. Never support or do nothing like what the ang moh are doing by coming out the interview movie to kill the leader of north korea, this is where hatred between nations rise.

    •If the gov in the first place cannot act right, then don’t expect the citizens to follow. As the gov has the power to force and change the mind-sets/behaviors/speech and everything of their people.

    •Religion law should all be abolish as they are often cruel, old fashion and it is unfair to use them onto those who are not part of the religion.

    •Never the gov must not interfere with other countries affairs, if the gov can’t even govern their own country well, then what’s make them have the rights and everything to teach/help others?

    2.Admin of sites must ban all anti religion/harmful groups and contents.

    3.The people must know what is right and wrong. Not everything in the holy books can be right or suitable for today’s world. As some of the contents in the books may be amended by the people for their own malicious intents.
    Have this mind-sets of only love can cease hatred. Never ill speak of anyone regardless how bad the person is, unless you are doing it for his/her own good but treat the harsh speech of others onto you as lesson/feedback for improvement.

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