Siao Lang Uncle Goes on Smashing Spree: 11 Floors of Lift Landing Glass Panels Shattered


A siao lang uncle went on a smashing spree last week, targeting the glass panels of lift landings across two blocks of HDB flats in Eunos.

The 54-year-old smashed at least 15 glass panels across Block 16 and 17 Eunos Crescent, attacking doors of lift landings of at least 11 floors.

Residents reported that they started hearing the sound of glass shattering at odd hours of the night from 17 Aug.

The siao lang uncle is a resident of Block 17 Eunos Crescent and the motives for his smashing spree have yet to be ascertained.

One Block 17 resident, 53-year-old housewife Mary, said she and her husband were awoken at 3am last Friday (24 Aug) by police officers who flashed them a picture and asked if they could identify the man in the shot.

Another resident, 56-year-old Ms Li, said she saw police arresting the old man at 8am on Saturday (25 Aug).

Police are investigating the matter.



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