Siao Lang Vietnamese Woman Strips to Her Underwear and Dances at Bedok Town Centre


A siao lang Vietnamese woman really caught the attention of pedestrians at Bedok Town Centre on Sunday (10 Sept)!

The 39-year-old stood in the middle of the place and just broke out into a dance at about 7am for no apparent reason.

At first, those who saw her thought all was alright – you know lah, spontaneous dancing in public kind of thing.

Subsequently, her dance moves turned strange.

She flailed her arms while both her legs stood rooted to the ground.

It rained at about 3pm and the Vietnamese woman still didn’t stop dancing.

Then, suddenly, she stopped and stripped down to just her bra and panties, and continued with her dance!

By that time, she had been dancing for 8 hours straight!

Then, the Vietnamese woman stopped her dance abruptly and started walking around the area, still clad in just her underwear.

Someone who witnessed the sight called the police and she was arrested.

The Vietnamese woman’s family has said that they have sent her to the Institute of Mental Health for treatment.



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