Singapore Among Top 5 Countries Where Millenials Will Work Themselves to Death

Are young Singaporeans doomed to work themselves to death, never to retire?

That’s whats some of them believe.

Singapore have ranked 4th in the global study, behind Japan, China and Greece in a study by workforce solutions company, Manpower Group.

14 percent of millenials here believe that they’ll work until they reach their grave.

As it stands, 50 percent of Singaporean workers have complained that they long working hours is stopping them from spending more time with their families, according to a survey by the national family council Families for Life.

50 percent of the respondents in that survey said they spend less than 36 hours a week with their families.

Taking into account a conventional Singapore 9 to 5 job five days a week, it appears that many Singaporeans spend more time at their workspace than with their loved ones.

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