Singapore Implicated in Football “Slavery” Scandal Involving English Football Manager Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce, aka Big Sam, just couldn’t his mouth shut and his paws off the money.

The new England football manager has been snared in a trap laid by English reporters into revealing details regarding his involvement in getting around the rules of third-party player ownership, which has been described as “slavery” as it allows companies to own a stake in a footballer.

Reporters from the Daily Telegraph posing as “Far East businessmen” secretly taped recordings in which Allardyce used his new status as England manager to negotiate a S$800,000 deal whereby he would fly to Singapore and Hong Kong four times a year to address investors in what he thought was a firm wanting to buy football players.

Because of that, he’s been hauled up by his new employers to  explain why he said what he said.

But the details uncovered by this latest sting operation don’t bode well for Singapore.

The whole undercover scam relied on Big Sam him believing that Singapore was the place where he could further greedy and unscrupulous football interests.

The worst part is he was caught on camera mentioning Singapore by name.

When Big Sam met with undercover reporters, he spoke of travelling to Singapore and Hong Kong to give “lectures” at about S$200,000 a talk.

He agreed he would serve as an “ambassador” for a “Far East-based company”, flying in to Singapore for a couple od days, then taking the cash.

The thing is the reporters needed to use the “Singapore” brand.

If they had said they came from a country in Europe or Australia, the ruse might not have worked because there’s not precedent.

As for Singapore, we’ve the “kelong kings” Dan Tan and Wilson Raj Perumal who have put us at the forefront of the football corruption world map.

That’s why the Sam Allardyce case is so damaging – it’s cementing Singapore’s reputation on the international stage as a nation where corruption rules and exploitation is a flip of the switch.


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