Singapore Taxi Driver Pleads with Labour Union Chief Chan Chun Sing for “Justice for Cabbies”

Dear Mr Chan,

As the Secrectary General of NTUC, Chairman of NTA I would like to highlight certain issues for your kind attention.

1) With the recent fare reductions by the third party apps company, consumers were overjoyed! But is it a time to overjoy?

Price reduction shouldn’t be at the expense of the drivers. It affect Taxi drivers as well. As quoted in the Today, Mr Poh Guan Han, 58, said:” I have given my customers similar discounts as well out of my own pocket”.

All drivers, private hired vehicle drivers & taxi drivers, are driving longer than before in order to cover the shortfall they used to earn previously. Some are the sole breadwinner of his family, without earning enough to feed his family, do you think the driver would dare to go home? Do you think this will cause fatigue to the drivers, at the same time, causing more accidents on the road? We, drivers, would love to go home safely to see their loved ones, who won’t?

We, taxi drivers, welcome competitions. But the competition is not up to the extend of fierce competition in order to monopolize the industry at the expense of the drivers.

What are the effect on consumers as well? Once monopolized, the consumers are at the mercy of the company that have the full control of the fare.

2) One Apps company even boldly advertise, own a car with 80% loan amount!

It’s a loophole that they are exploiting. But at the same time, are they trying to challenge the MAS ruling to let people owned a vehicle without coming out cash of up to 50%? As well as going against the government direction of Car Lite? Is it fair to private car owners who are faithfully following the laws of Singapore?

3) In Chauffeur Industry, the only industry that is left for Singaporeans, as promised by the Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Now, the chauffeur services are available to PR and foreigners! Where is the respect to the wishes of the Late Mr Lee? Where is the last protection line for Singaporeans?

Dear Mr Chan, I sincerely hoped that you can seriously look into the current development of the regulations of the Private Hired Vehicle which had caused much disappointment among the taxi drivers.
This is an open letter from a Singapore Taxi Driver who has chosen to remain anonymous.
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