Singaporean Men Arrested in United Arab Emirates for Looking too Gu Niang

Non-Governmental Organisation Detained in Dubai reports that 2 Singaporeans were arrested in Abu Dhabi on National Day (9 Aug) for “looking feminine”.

The NGO says that the two Singaporeans were charged with a criminal offence and sentenced to a year in jail.

Detained in Dubai said that crossdressing, transgenderism and homosexuality are crimes in the United Arab Emirates, and that the pair were unaware of the strict laws in place throughout the Emirates concerning impersonating a woman.

The Singaporeans were arrested in a shopping mall.

They were reportedly in the UAE to work on a photo shoot.

Said Detained in Dubai:

“It is unclear at this point what the two were actually charged with, transgender people are generally categorised as “crossdressers”; as a man who dresses as a woman, or vice versa; which means that the transwoman in this case will be jailed in the male prison because that is what is stated on their passport. Stirling says, “We are concerned about the safety of both individuals; and we are in the process of securing legal representation for them, as well as being in touch with the Singaporean Embassy to support them in any way possible.”

The Singaporeans have been given 2 weeks to appeal their sentences.



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