“Singaporean Workers Don’t Cow Beh, Your Quality, Attitude and Drive Can’t Match Foreigners”

Are foreigners workers really much better than locals?

One local towkay, Kai Gwee, seems to think so, and would prefer hiring them even if wages are kept the same.

In a commentary, he essentially said that Singaporean workers shouldn’t cow beh about foreigners taking their jobs, simply because these foreign workers show better quality, attitude and drive.

In response to the poly grad who claims that he felt humiliated when attending a job fair, Kai Gwee said:

“Self entitlement, exactly. So what if you are an diploma holder? I know people with masters or Phd being rejected from a job just because they are “over qualified”, but they keep trying.

People here talk about FW suppressing wages and taking away jobs from local Singaporeans/PR. Do people think it’s REALLY cheap to hire FWs? In a service industry, the employer have to pay a fee to apply for whatever permit, then pay for the medical check up, then another fee to issue the permit. Next up, is to get insurance for the FW and on top of that, levy every month. You think it’s cheap?

So for FW:
1. Application fee
2. Medical check up fee
3. Issuance fee
4. Insurance
5. Monthly levy

All this adds up to quite an amount. So why not use this amount of money to employ Singaporean or PR instead? I asked myself this same question as well, until a rather successful businessman told me this. “Yes, for this amount, I can use it to employ a Singaporean or PR. But do you get the same quality, drive and attitude as from a FW?”

It blew me away.

There was an instant when a newly minted PR came for an interview in my company. His requirements? Min pay of $3k and NO cleaning duties, because he doesn’t like to do it and besides “It’s for the FW to do.” I asked him, wasn’t he a FW before? He said ‘Yes, but I’m a PR now.'”




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