Singaporeans See Red over Giordano’s “Anti-Singaporean” National Day Apparel Ad


Looks like apparel company Giordano has stepped on a few toes (or actually, a lot of toes) with an ad which some have labelled “anti-Singaporean”.

In a bid to sell SG52 National Day clothing, the company put up this badly-photoshopped picture (you can still see the white outlines) of an ang moh family on its Facebook page.

And of yeah, that random Asian kid of unknown heritage and dubious parentage.

The ad has gotten many Singaporeans seeing red and flaming Giordano on Facebook.

You know, because Giordano had the 4 main races in Singapore to pick from for a National Day ad but chose to feature ang mohs (who aren’t part of our 4 main races) instead.

redwire singapore giordano ad 3
redwire singapore giordano ad 4
redwire singapore giordano ad 5redwire singapore giordano ad
Show your love for Giordano here.

At least they’re not charging “old citizens” of Singapore more for the same thing compared to New Citizens, like what MacPherson RC is doing with its open house tickets!




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