Singapore’s Dumbest Car Thieves Nabbed after Crashing Car and Turning into Dead End Road

These 3 chaps are possibly Singapore’s dumbest-ever car thieves.

Not only did they manage to get into an accident after stealing a car, they even facilitated their own arrest by turning into a dead end road.

The incident took place on Saturday morning at about 1.30am.

Three men – a 22 year old, 30 year old and 41 year old – stole a car from a multi-storey carpark at Strathmore Avenue.

They then drove towards Beach Rd, where somehow they got into an accident after crashing into a car.

Panicking, they turned into the Arab St vicinity, and into a little lane known as Sultan Gate.

There was one problem with the great escape – Sultan Gate has no through road.

Getting even more kan cheong, they ditched the car and ran in different directions.

Police subsequently arrested 3 men suspected of committing the crime.

We say just post their pictures on Facebook instead of jailing them lah – the shame alone should be enough.



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