SMRT Taxi Driver who Harrassed GrabCar Drivers Exposed and Banned from Grab

The SMRT taxi driver who constantly pranked GrabCar drivers with bogus bookings has been banned from using the GrabCar service.

Peter Quek, who’s reportedly around 30 to 40 years old, would make bookings for rides at odd hours of the night, and give even odder pick-up locations and drop-off destinations.

One of those drop-off destinations was Pulau Ubin (yes, because GrabFerry is supposed to be functioning, no?)

Quek harassed GrabCar drivers for over 9 months, starting his antics in November last year.

Besides the fake destinations, he would force the GrabCar driver to cancel the booking, claiming he had already gotten a taxi.

Such cancellations affect the incentive payments received by drivers from Grab.

Quek also posted photos of a female GrabCar driver’s son, which he took from her Facebook account, in instant messaging chat groups and on Facebook despite her telling him not to do so.

He also used terms like “chio bu” and said she was “not bad looking” to describe the driver.

The driver lodged a police report against him.

Quek is now being investigated by SMRT.



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