SMRT Track Deaths: Tragedy Stemmed from Staff Not Following Safety Rules, Says SMRT

The maintenance team didn’t follow safety procedures, and that led to the train track tragedy in which 2 young Singaporean technicians were killed.

Giving a more detailed timeline of the incident, SMRT said that staff did not give station control notice so that trains could be stopped.

However, SMRT says it cannot confirm if the victims were on the trackway or the walkway when they were hit, or whether anyone in the team had deviated from the walkway.

The transport operator says that at 10.54am on Tuesday, 15 staff members were walking along the maintenance walkway to proceed to fix a signalling device after receiving authorisation.

The team comprised 1 engineer, 5 assistant engineers, 5 technical officers and 4 trainees.

The two victims were 2nd and 3rd in the line, walking single-file behind an assistant engineer.

The transport operator says that before the team is allowed to step on the trackway, it had to inform the station’s Signal Unit, so that trains could be stopped.

It says there are no records that such communication took place.

Pasir Ris MRT station is a terminal station with two platforms and trains arriving there can berth at either of them.

Trains can also cross from one track to another when reaching the station.

The train involved in the accident was moving in auto mode, and was routed to Platform 2.

The train captain applied the emergency brake when he saw staff on the track, but it was too late.

The accident happened at 11.08am, and Operations Control Centre was informed – just 14 minutes after the team left station.


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