Sotong Driver wearing Wooden Clogs Crashes Car into Preschool


The sotong-ness of this driver could have led to kids being killed or seriously injured.

Fortunately it was a Sunday and school was out.

The incident took place at Block 676 Hougang Avenue 8 yesterday.

The driver is believed to have accidentally reversed his car into the front facade of My First Skool preschool.

One parent, Rao Jun, said the driver was wearing wooden logs (ED: who in the world wears clogs to drive?), and missed the car park lot that it was reversing into.

“Luckily this happened on a Sunday. If it was during school time, perhaps many children would have wet themselves.”

The incident has sparked concern over “reversing accidents”, in addition to the current worry over several instances where drivers have been spotted driving against the flow of traffic.

Just 4 days before this incident, a taxi accidentally reversed and crashed into a void deck in Jurong.



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