Spicy and Hopefully Sedap Nasi Lemak Condoms are Coming Your Way

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 5:04pm by Redwire Singapore

Adults, if you liked the Nasi Lemak Burger, how about trying nasi lemak condoms?

(We said “adults” ah – kids, don’t try this at home or anywhere else unless you’ve got a water balloon party coming up).

Malaysian condom maker Karex is set to launch such nasi lemak-flavoured condoms, in addition to their already outrageous line-up of durian and grape-flavoured condoms.

The nasi lemak condoms are said to smells faintly of coconut and are coated with a warming lubricant.

They will be on sale from either November or December this year under the “Carex” brand name”.

The nasi lemak-flavoured condoms are aimed at, erm, public health and uniting people.

Said Karex chief executive Goh Miah Kiat:

“We Malaysians are divided across our political ideas, religion and race… I felt one thing that unites us all (is): ‘Where’s the best nasi lemak place you’ve been?’”



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