Stickies Bar Calls Customer a “Bitch” with a “1 Star Rating” Brain after Receiving Bad Review


A local bar, “Stickies” has made waves on Facebook for its insulting reply to a customer who complained about the service there and and left a bad online review.

However, it appears that netizens so far have voiced their support for Stickies Bar, unlike a previous incident involving The Western Co in which the food establishment was severely criticised for its rude reply to online customer feedback.

We don’t really care for personal disputes as long as the beer is good and flowing, but we’ll walk you through the hilarious twist and turns in this current public spat that doesn’t have “Leekileaks” stamped on it.

So at first, Fawn Chia left this online review on Stickies Bar telling people to avoid the outlet at Sunset Lane because of staff who behaved like “security guards”.

Then, throwing caution to the wind and essentially giving Fawn the verbal middle finger, Stickies retaliated.

But why is Stickies Bar so, erm, sticky about the 12pm rule?

Of course it has to do with the gahmen lah.


In a subsequent exchange which saw further accusations by Fawn, Stickies CEO Norman Then dropped the bomb on what she did that got staff there so pissed with her in the first place.


Jialat customer service? Or a rude customer who deserves to get verbally b*tch-slapped?

That’s your call.

Just keep the beer flowing!


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