Stroke Patient Receives S$42,538 Government Grant, S$0 Paid for 40-Day Hospital Stay

A patient who spent 40 days in hospital for a stroke apparently received S$42,538 government grant for healthcare expenses.

And with insurance coverage, the bill was trimmed to zero dollars.

The patient’s total bill for the whole course of treatment, which included a stay in the intensive care unit and surgical implants, came up to a whopping S$54,883.

But this was cut down to S$12,452 after deducting government subsidies, and GST which was also absorbed.

That’s still a pretty sizeable amount to pay.

Fortunately, the patient bought health insurance – in this case, an Income Shield plan from NTUC Income.

After the insurance had covered the deductibles, the patient wound up paying zero dollars for the treatment.

Medical fees in Singapore can be expensive, so don’t take your health for granted.

It’s good to have additional insurance on top of the compulsory Medishield Life insurance which has been implemented.

Sure, it’s going to cost you money every month in premiums.

But when times get tough, you’ve a plan to cope with costs.

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