Super Nice Candy-Dishing Bus Driver is a Service to Singapore

We’ve been hearing many transport horror stories of late, but there’s always men and women on the frontline who never fail to brighten our day with their initiative and kindness.

Such as this bus driver, who’s been giving out free candy to commuters and showing exemplary displays of courtesy (no lah, he’s really not a kidnapper).


Hear it firsthand from Othnel Liew, who shared this encounter with the man behind the wheel:

“How often do you get on a bus and are able to help yourselves to candies? This morning I just want to give a big shout out to the bus captain of bus service 972 SMB3587P who not only greeted every passenger but also provided a small rack of candies at the exit. On it were two thank you post it notes from other passengers who obviously had been blessed by this man’s kindness. Thank you sir for making Singapore such a warm place to live in. I boarded the bus with a little heavy heart today but my spirit was already lifted when I alighted.”


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