Supermarket Trolley Stolen to Burn Offerings: Seventh Month Burning Gone Too Far?


When it comes to the haze in Indonesia, many Singaporeans cow beh cow bu and condemn those evil neighbours down south for polluting our air.

But when it comes to Seventh Month and Singaporeans do the burning and turn the country into a pot of smoke and ash, it’s okay because the burning is religious in nature and not-for-profit like what those evil neighbours down south are doing.

Still, this indiscriminate burning of Seventh Month offerings along Mugliston Road behind Katon Shopping Centre has perhaps gone too far.

A supermarket trolley (which you normally pay a refundable S$1 to use WITHIN the supermarket) was used to contain and later burn the offerings.

It was seen left at the spot, full of ashes.

As it stands, there have been complaints of indiscriminate burning of offerings by the roadside without clearing up of the mess left behind, and burning of offerings next on or next to grassland which spell a fire hazard.

It is tradition for religious devotees to burn offering for their deceased loved ones during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Reasons for this include to smoothen their path in the Afterlife and make sure that they have enough to spend and use so that they don’t come back to haunt living family members.

For some, they hope the more they burn will improve the lives of their ancestors in the nether region, who will then improve their lives by helping them strike Toto.



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