Suspected Cancer-Causing Glue-Like Substance Found in Sengkang Market Fresh Prawns

She had just bought fresh prawns from a wet market stall in Sengkang, and was preparing to cook them.

That’s when this 40-year-old aunty found something amiss – in the head of one of the prawns was an unusual glue-like substance.

Said Mdm Wong:

“At first I thought nevermind lah, but later discovered that several of the prawns heads had this glue-like substance. I read before that other countries there are people who inject things into prawn heads and so I got worried.”

There have been many incidents in China of prawns having their heads injected with gelatin and so that they weigh more and can thus bring in more profit.

Mdm Wong said:

“I’ve bought prawns from the stall before but this is the first time I’ve found something like this in the prawn heads. I tried to boil the prawn with the head and the texture of the substance really became like glue.”

The incidents date back to 2012 and are still going on today despite clampdown by Chinese authorities.

Such gelatin-injected prawns have also surfaced in markets in Vietnam.

In some cases, the gelatin was found to be composed of collagen and was edible.

In other instances, industrial glue was used, which is cheaper than the edible kind and a lot more poisonous – it contains lead and mercury which could give you cancer!

The stall owner, who has been selling prawns for over 10 years,  says he had no idea there was such a glue-like substance in the prawn heads.

He said that he got his prawns from a distributor and assumed there wouldn’t be any problems.

The AVA is investigating the incident.




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1 Comment

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