Taiwan Milk Tea Hoarders Despair: AVA Recalls Drink due to Non-Permitted Food Additives

Those buggers who hoarded this Chub Cui He brand of milk tea and deprived others of a chance to taste the tasty Taiwanese beverage just so they could make a quick buck, the joke’s on you now!

The AVA has issued a statement saying that it is working with the Singapore importer of the milk tea to recall the product, a month after they hit the shelves.

That’s because the milk tea contains L-theanine, which isn’t on the list of permitted food additives in Singapore.

However, those who have had their fill of the milk tea need not be alarmed – it’s not poisonous, nor does it pose a food risk.

L-theanine is an amino acid commonly found in tea.

Scientific studies have shown that can help in cancer prevention.



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