Taman Jurong Man Jumps 11 Floors to His Death despite Loved Ones Pleading with Him for Two Hours


A 23-year-old man leaped to his death from the 11th floor of a flat in the Taman Jurong vicinity yesterday morning (1 Oct).

It was around 9am when residents of Block 119 Yuan Ching Road heard a commotion and got a shock to see the man standing on the window ledge of a HDB flat unit.

He was half-naked and holding on to an overhead metal beam for support.

One resident said she saw 2 women pleading with him to come down.

“Two people who were maybe his female relatives were begging him not to jump. They were anxious and crying.”

Another eyewitness said the man initially looked quite calm though he was swaying back and forth.

“When he was tired, he would lean back against the wall and even smoke cigarettes.”

The man had reportedly been in that position for 2 hours, with his loved ones pleading with him not to jump.

Then, he turned agitated when he saw that SCDF officers had arrived and were deploying an airbag on the ground floor.

He was heard shouting at them to leave him alone, before he leaped off the 11th floor window ledge to his death,

Police are investigating the incident.



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