Tampines Man Rears Over 200 Rats, Allows Them to Run Around Freely in His Flat

Okay residents of Tampines Avenue 9, if there’s a rat problem in your area you know who’s the reason for the problem – this man staying at Block 496G who has been rearing over 200 rats and letting them run wild!

Instead of caging the rats up, he even allow the rats to run around freely in their home, together with another 23 rabbits that he keep.

The town council got wind of the situation and has sought assistance from an animal rights group to remove the rats from the home.

Upon inspecting the unit, the “rat-catchers” got a shock to see rats running around, and even hiding behind pieces of furniture like cupboards.

The worst part was the whole unit was littered with rat faeces.

The rat-breeder is a Chinese man in his 40s whose mother used to live with him in the unit.

They started out rearing just 3 rats, but their numbers multiplied into the hundreds over time.

Authorities only found out about the excessive breeding after neighbours complained of a stench coming from the unit.

The man’s mother has since moved out of the flat.




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